Drug and Alcohol Recovery projects are available to help you on your road to recovery from substance use. Everyone’s needs are different so it’s important you find the right place for you right now. Below we have listed a number of  organisations in Derbyshire where you can continue your progress towards changing your life.

Making the decision to pick up the phone or speak to someone might seem difficult right now, but there's lots of support and confidential services waiting to help you.

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Drug and Alcohol Recovery Projects in Derbyshire

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Chesterfield FC Community Trust

The Chesterfield FC Community Trust is the charitable arm of Chesterfield FC. Our core aims are health, education, sports participation and inclusion.

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Zink Employability

Zink Employability delivers the RISE project providing employment coaching, work experience and employment

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Wash Arts

Washarts is based in Erewash and offers you lots of opportunities to experience arts and gardening projects

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Beardwood Natural Living Project

Our project is called Life Force and we provide a small group of 12 people in recovery from drug and alcohol dependence the opportunity to learn skills in farming, conservation and rural crafts.

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Growing Lives

Growing Lives is a learning and wellbeing programme which offers the following activities – horticulture, furniture up-cycling, arts and crafts, creative writing, relaxation and wellbeing and cooking and healthy eating.

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Rhubarb Farm

Rhubarb Farm is an environmental social enterprise where lots of different people from across the community come to volunteer. We grow vegetables, fruit and flowers, as well as tending the chickens and collecting eggs, and create beautiful new things through recycling.

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The Derbyshire Veterans Group Recovery and Wellbeing Hub

The Derbyshire Veterans Group HQ is for veterans, their spouses, partners and children from Derbyshire and the surrounding area.The group is...

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in Derbyshire

Derbyshire Recovery Partnership offers lots of  support through groups, one-to-one chats and activities together with a specialist prescribing programme for people who need it. The service works with all levels of drug and alcohol misuse, as well as supporting people affected by another person’s drug use (family, friends and carers).

If you are at the point where you need treatment and support with stopping or reducing your alcohol or drug use, or just some advice on how to use more safely, get in touch with Derbyshire Recovery Partnership.

If you live in Derby your treatment service is Derby Substance Misuse Service. To find out more click here for details.