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Kelsey Family CIC provides family-based recovery services to those affected by substance use.

As opposed to focusing on negatives and the “wrongs” of the user - we encourage the use of positive psychology and concentrate on building upon the strengths of all family members affected by substance use to offer bespoke guidance and support.

The vast majority of people after treatment are thrown back into life after either living institutionally or undertaking treatment within the community.  Despite some amazing therapeutic intervention work, real life can be vicious and more often than not devours those in recovery and spits them back out without a care in the world - entry back into treatment can be out of a lot of peoples grasp at this point due to financial implications, mindset or availability.

This gap between treatment and real life we feel needed to be filled with better help and support for families who have decided to recover together in order to ensure long term recovery.

Kelsey Family CIC delivers family based recovery activity boxes, family health and well-being activities, family recovery coaching, family retreat space and breathing space for those in recovery commencing their journey out of treatment.

Recovering Together allows families and those in recovery with a clear support network to recover together.

Through referrals and after an initial screening appointment with those in recovery, an individualised support package will be developed.

Support can include:

  • Provision of family activity boxes to help build communication and trust – each activity box comprises of an activity and discussion points – all items needed are included, together with motivational items and delivered directly through doors.
  • Health and well-being activities including family day retreats, yoga classes, personal training and nutrition advice together with self-care activities to help improve physical and mental health and well-being with help and advice in regards to accessing these on a long term basis regardless of financial implications.
  • Positive Psychology based coaching sessions in order to establish positive thinking and effective decision making. By concentrating on peoples strengths positive psychology aims to build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Delivering advice in regards to education, skills training, volunteering and employment and providing work experience and volunteering opportunities by working with local businesses and within our own.  

Recovering Together aims to address the underlying issues of recovery which are sometimes missed through existing provision of treatment and support.  Substance use is a family disease - it is not only the user that suffers at it’s hands but partners, children, friends, colleagues and other family members - it attacks, permeating what historically were happy homes, causing serious emotional, psychological and physical effects on everyone.  This creates negative feelings of guilt, shame which contribute to continued solitude which has a huge detrimental effect on maintaining long term recovery.  By using positive psychology we focus more on utilising the strengths of those involved as opposed to focusing on the “wrongs”.  We are not only interested in achieving sobriety or abstinence but we want to continue that work in order to allow all those effected to flourish.

The project will be delivered throughout Derbyshire.  Family activity boxes will be able to be sent directly to the family addresses.  Family Coaching sessions will also be delivered at the family address or online via zoom.  Family based activities will be carried out in local gyms and yoga studios, together with utilising local amenities including parks and green space.  Transport will be provided where needed.

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To access this project, you can contact them directly and join or you can make a referral to the project.  In either case, please use the contact information which can be found on the lefthand side of this page. 

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