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Growing Lives Project Location -
Derventio Housing Trust
The Orchard Works
1 Grenville Drive

Head Office address:
Derventio Housing Trust,
33 Boyer Street,
DE22 3TB

01159 443 865

About the Organisation - Derventio Housing Trust

Derventio Housing Trust is a registered social landlord providing housing and support for people facing homelessness.  We offer safe and secure accommodation and work with people to overcome their challenges and gain security and stability in their lives, with the goal of eventually moving on to longer-term accommodation.  Alongside supported housing, we run additional projects to promote employability, skill-building and personal development and have over ten years’ experience of working with people in drug and alcohol recovery.

About the Project - Growing Lives 

Growing Lives provides a combination of skill-building and learning activities with personalised support to help people in recovery develop their social networks, improve their wellbeing and move closer to education, training and employment.

 Activities include:

  • Workshop: wood-working and upcycling furniture
  • Bike club: restoring bicycles and group bike rides
  • Gardening: growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants, tending to the pond and learning about wildlife
  • Cooking: building cooking, nutrition and budgeting skills by preparing breakfasts and lunches, often made using produce grown in the garden
  • Arts & crafts: including mosaic making, sewing, crochet and paper crafts
  • IT skills: a chance to develop digital skills and connect with people and services online
  • Walks and visits to local parks and sights of interest

There is also a strong element of employability support. Navigators give help and guidance around job search, interview skills and overcoming barriers to accessing education, training or employment. This includes one-to-one Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance sessions with a Level 6 careers development professional.

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How To Access 

To access this project, you can contact them directly and join or you can make a referral to the project.  In either case, please use the contact information which can be found on the lefthand side of this page. 

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