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About the Organisation - Pathways of Chesterfield

Pathways to Recovery is a new venture for Pathways of Chesterfield.  Pathways of Chesterfield work with anyone who is over 18 and homeless or at risk of homelessness.  We work in a holistic way with people to support people to move out of homelessness.

About the Project - Pathways to Recovery 

Throughout our work we support people at all different stages of their recovery journey, and we wanted to offer more, to both help people start their journey and make it more possible.  Trying to make changes is always daunting and even more so if you are homeless.

No matter where you are in your recovery journey there is something with the Pathways to Recovery project for you.

Route 1

Struggling with your drug or alcohol use, not sure if you are ready to make changes or even how to?

Come along to our Pathways to recovery group in partnership with Derbyshire Recovery Partnership (DRP).

An informal group looking at substances, giving you the chance to understand different substances and explore what keeps you using and how to keep yourself safe with no pressure.

Route 2

Finding it hard to move away from drugs and alcohol, not sure what to do with your time?

Come along to activities at Pathways including music, art, allotment, restoring furniture, games group and a women’s only group.

Route 3

Already made changes to you your drug or alcohol use and want to take another step forwards?

Join our peer mentoring scheme.

A course run in conjunction with Pathways and intuitive thinking.  Helping you develop skills to support other people with their recovery journey.

Please contact us at for more information or call us on 01246 498204

If you want to make a referral, please send to or call 01246 498204

Link to Poster - Activities for Recovery at Pathways of Chesterfield

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How To Access 

To access this project, you can contact them directly and join or you can make a referral to the project. 

Please contact us at for more information or call us on 01246 498204

If you want to make a referral, please send to or call 01246 498204


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