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About the Organisation - Rhubarb Farm 

Rhubarb Farm is a horticultural social enterprise. The farm's aims are to support people to change their lives for the better, and help them to develop confidence, resilience, new skills, and knowledge.

We provide employment, work placements, training and volunteering opportunities for people with long-term needs - unemployed, ex-offenders, NEETS (young people not in education or training), recovering drug and alcohol misusers, school children struggling with their behaviour at school, ex-servicemen with PTSD, older people who want to stay fit and engaged, people who have physical  or mental ill health,  or learning disability from the Mansfield, Bassetlaw, Chesterfield and Bolsover District Council areas. Everyone who comes is called a volunteer, to acknowledge their value and the economic contribution they make, no matter what their needs or abilities. About 60 volunteers a week come to the Farm.

We provide therapeutic outdoor activities through the organic growing of fruit and vegetables in a safe and supervised surrounding. Rhubarb Farm is based on 2 acres of land in Langwith village, situated at the end of Hardwick Street, Langwith, NG20 9DR.

About the Project – Rhubarb Recovery 

Throughout the project you will be supported by Recovery Lead, Ben, and our Mental Health trained support workers. You will have the opportunity to do many different and varied roles and hopefully pick up some new hobbies and interests along the way.

Our focus is Horticulture, so this can include anything from seed sowing, planting, mowing/strimming, digging, landscaping and everything in between. We are a fully working Farm and sell our fruit and vegetables at local shops.

We are home to over 100 chickens, a grumpy donkey - Murphy, pigs, and a lovely Shetland pony - Domino. All volunteers all can participate in animal care activities. We have a woodshed on site for volunteers to build birdboxes, hedgehog houses, planters etc. We love to recycle/reuse what we have and are open to any ideas!

Rhubarb Farm provides a lot of training for its volunteers. This includes awareness sessions throughout the year (gambling awareness, domestic violence, alcohol awareness, online safety etc), therapeutic art workshops and many other things such as music making, cooking, map reading to name but a few.

You will also be given the opportunity to take an ASDAN course (alternative education) which cover Animal Care, Bronze Silver, and Gold (accredited), Expressive Arts etc, Caley Grow & Learn (horticulture) Volunteer Passports (DCC), if you would like to improve your skills.

We have also started delivering our own in-house training. These are called “Rhubarb Nurtures” so far, we have Animal Discoveries (animal care), and we are currently working on an independent living course.

The Farm holds community events throughout the year such as Pumpkin picking, Farmer for a day & posy workshops which the volunteers are welcome to help with or attend.

We have a café on site which provides an affordable lunch for everyone, this is part of our Food Work. Our food champion, Mel, has opened 24 food hubs in local schools and around our area and has just opened a “Food Pantry” in Langwith. This redistributes surplus/donated food from supermarkets and makes it available to anyone. You can fill a bag for a fiver and are more than welcome to use if you wish.

Rhubarb Farm is also offering the opportunity to offer some of those on the “Rhubarb Recovery” project a micro-job opportunity. This will give you structure, confidence, new skills, and the chance to build up your CV if you are ready to work. Our staff will support you through the process and continue working with you after.

Volunteering hours are 9.30 – 15.00 with 15 minutes at entry for settling in, a 15-minute break at 10.30 and half an hour lunch at 12.30. Volunteering hours are flexible, feel free to speak to a member of our team and we can help make alternative arrangements to whatever is best for you.

It’s impossible to describe all the things this funny little farm in Langwith provides, so please give us an email/ ring to arrange a visit and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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