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Derbyshire Addictions Advice Service (DAAS) Head Office:
First Floor, Dents Chambers
81 New Square
S40 1AH

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Activities will take place at various venues across Derbyshire

01246 959333

About the Organisation - Derbyshire Addictions Advice Service 

Through Derbyshire Recovery Partnership we offer a range of counselling, 1 to 1 support, recovery activities and advice for those affected and professionals making a referral.  In addition we also offer support to adults affected by someone else’s drinking.

About the Project - STAND TO Veteran Led Recovery Connections   

We provide a veteran-to-veteran support, befriending and recovery activities for ex-armed forces who have experienced alcohol or substance use problems.  STAND TO is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our veteran community. 

We offer opportunities for veterans to engage in a range of social and physical activities and attend MESS groups (Mutual Ex- Service Support) to support ongoing recovery.  MESS groups are held throughout Derbyshire.  Give us a call or visit our website for up to date details.  Our motto “we have your back” always applies, whether it is a befriending call, a walk, a brew, a trip out, or Rockbox for the more energetic!  Our veteran workers and volunteers will support you to come along and enjoy much missed camaraderie.

However, Great News!  We are now offering anyone who is in recovery from substance use the opportunity to join in some of the activities! Why not join one of our “open to all in recovery” veteran led activity events.  You will certainly be in safe hands, our veterans are great motivators, first aid trained and born leaders!  You don’t need to have served, but you will need a willingness to take part and a GSOH! 

We want to make recovery about having fun and keeping fit, so give us a call or fill in a contact form and look at our timetable of “Recovery for All” events, which usually take place every couple of months.

Here is what others who have taken part have said; 

“A great time we had all together, I felt supported and made welcome, great to be amongst like-minded people, having a brew and much missed banter” thank you STAND TO - Roger 

“What an event, it picked me up and improved my mood, I wasn’t sure if I felt on a high, can’t wait for the next event, great bunch of people” Joan 

How to refer: 

Veterans – ex-armed forces 

If you are a veteran and you want to join one of our recovery events or MESS groups or would like to receive befriending calls, please call our VIP on 01246 959333 or complete a contact form online - Veteran Led Recovery Connections | STAND TO Veteran Support

Non veterans 

If you are in recovery from alcohol or substance use, in treatment, or attending another support project, and want to take part in one of our Recovery for All events, please contact us on 01246 959333 or complete an online contact form on our website - Veteran Led Recovery Connections | STAND TO Veteran Support

Support Providers 

If you are a recovery provider or health and social care worker, you can refer people in recovery from alcohol and substance use into our project, we will need you to complete a referral from.  Contact us on our VIP on 01246 959333 or complete a form online - Veteran Led Recovery Connections | STAND TO Veteran Support

Look out for events on our website timetable - Our Events | STAND TO Veteran Support

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