Global Adventure Missions: Road to Recovery becomes TUNNEL to Recovery

Posted on: 06 Mar 2024

Derbyshire County Council Grant funds a number of ‘Recovery Projects’ to provide support to individuals in Recovery from Drug and/or Alcohol dependence.

One of the projects, Road to Recovery, provided by Global Adventure Missions, recently delivered a caving day for individuals in recovery, in partnership with several other Council funded Recovery Projects.

 Road to Recovery becomes TUNNEL to Recovery

By Global Adventure

February 2024

“Just a little further now…”

“I see the light!”

“It gets a bit ‘thrutchy’* up here.. “

“Come look at this!”

These were some of the phrases of the group who participated in Peak Performance: Road to Recovery’s recent caving day.  Fears were overcome, bonds were built, and above all, individuals came together to become better friends and enjoy the fun and adventure of a day of physical activity and fresh air.

The day started with a van ride from various pick-up places in Derbyshire, the first in Shirebrook at the Brook Community Centre, where residents of the Shirebrook Lighthouse such as Dale (name changed) joined the group.  Dale comes from a background of repetitive alcohol use that's unfortunately broken multiple relationships and marriages. He said, “I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.  It was a challenging day out that showed me the best of all that nature and teamwork can bring.” 

Another group was picked up in Chesterfield, where Ryan Parcell, the Project Manager at Hope House Chesterfield, brought along a group.  “A lot of these guys have or have had addiction issues so having these adventures with Peak Performance Road to Recovery is a healthy distraction from the lifestyles they once lived, not to mention how good and important it is for their mental health,” Ryan said after enjoying the day out with his group.

Once unloaded from the van and kitted out for the day, the group started with a short hike through the hills of Stoney Middleton to the cave entrances.  They tackled short scrambles, helped each other over obstacles, and dove headfirst into caving—sometimes literally!

Although some were apprehensive approaching the caving day, everyone enjoyed it.  Kitted out in fleece warm layers, durable oversuits, boots, gloves, helmets and strong lights, everyone felt safe and secure.   Even though the mention of caving underneath the Peak District limestone may sound ominous to some, the participants said that they felt safe throughout the day and the combination of physical challenge and the adventure of doing new things improved their mental health. 

Hungry from the day’s activity, everyone celebrated with lunch and debriefed the day: Tim Prestidge from Global Adventure provided feedback and commended each one on their successes of the day: “Even though each of you have different abilities and skills, you all were stretched today.  And we are really proud of what you have done, mentally as well as physically.  We hope to see you out here again!”

Global Adventure's Peak Performance: Road to Recovery is a new initiative aligning with the charity's mission of leveraging outdoor experiences for personal growth. Funded by Derbyshire County Council, this project takes a practical approach to support local individuals recovering from substance use in Derbyshire. Through activities like woodland management and high peak hiking, participants build camaraderie, confidence, and life skills. As part of Global Adventure's commitment to community well-being, "Peak Performance" embodies the organisation's dedication to positive change and holistic development.

Peak Performance: Road to Recovery partners with various charities around Derbyshire, to do gardening on Tuesdays, outdoor events on Wednesdays, a bike shop on Thursdays, and once a month have a larger excursion on a Saturday. 

If you are interested in participating in a future event or know of someone who could benefit from our project, get in touch with the Global Adventure team at or check out for more information.

*Thrutch: To push, press, or squeeze into a place; move sideways or vertically in an upright position by wriggling the body against opposing rock surfaces.  Term used in caving and climbing.


More information can also be found on how to attend the Peak Performance Road to Recovery Project on the GRID website’s Recovery Projects page - you can find contact information and read more about the project here –

Peak Performance: Road to Recovery - Global Adventure Missions (


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