Derventio Housing Trust Growing Lives Project - Alice’s Story

Posted on: 19 Apr 2024

Story update from our partners at the Growing Lives project:

“Alice’s Story

Alice had experienced issues with alcohol for a couple of years prior to being referred to Growing Lives.  She turned to alcohol after the breakdown in her long-term relationship, which ended her career of over 26 years working for her partners family business and left her requiring accommodation in supported housing.

Feeling unable to find the strength and motivation to move forward in her life, her housing support officer suggested she should try Growing Lives.  Alice said that she felt positive about the project from her first day and in a short space of time felt the support and encouragement from the tutors and other participants had given her the motivation and self-belief to want to work towards her future.

Wanting to attending Growing Lives regularly and being part of the group, has given her a reason to not misuse alcohol and she has now found herself in a position to access online training, alongside actively job searching for a part time role both with support from her Growing Lives tutors. She hopes to complete her first Level 2 course in the next month and is already considering what other areas of training to access next to best help her find employment.”


If you would like more information on how to attend the Growing Lives Project, you can find contact information and can read more about the project on the GRID website’s Recovery Projects page -

Growing Lives - Derventio Housing Trust (

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