Everyone’s needs are different so it’s important you find the right place for you right now. Below we have listed a number of organisations in Derbyshire where you can continue your progress towards changing your life.

Making the decision to pick up the phone or speak to someone might seem difficult right now, but there's lots of support and confidential services waiting to help you

Find Local Support Services in Bolsover

Turning Point Talking Therapies

We deliver short term therapy, helping you to use new strategies to build skills and ensure you can lead a healthy lifestyle.We will teach you useful coping techniques to equip you to recover from any mental health issues you are facing to help you lead an emotionally full life. See website to download a self-referral form.

Opportunity and Change

Opportunity and Change is a support programme for people with multiple and complex needs throughout Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Our programme is being delivered by local organisations working together, with a range of experience of working with people with multiple and complex needs.

Insight Healthcare

Everyone goes through difficult times, but sometimes our problems affect our day-to-day lives and we feel that we can’t cope. If you are in this situation, you are not alone. Insight talking therapies is a free and confidential service, commissioned by the NHS, and is available to anyone aged 16+ and living in Derbyshire.

Stand To Ex-Forces Service

STAND TO is an alcohol service dedicated to Derbyshire’s Ex-Forces community. We cover the whole of Derbyshire. At STAND TO our dedicated, experienced and highly trained staff, volunteers and peer mentors (most of whom themselves are ex- forces), have a particular awareness of the issues veterans and their families may experience. We also understand some of the challenges individuals may face in admitting alcohol is a problem and the conflict often felt in asking for support. Get in touch for an informal chat.

Derbyshire Veterans Group HQ

We aim to support and help veterans who have issues with drug, alcohol and/or mental health. It hopes to provide this help using 'Stand To' experience and integral network, focusing on an individual’s needs and circumstances, the "One size fits all" approach is rarely the answer to a veteran’s needs. The group meets regularly in Chesterfield and Clay Cross, but supports members across Derbyshire.

Let's Talk Wellbeing

Let’s Talk – Wellbeing is a service that provides psychological assessment and treatment for what are known as mild to moderate common mental health problems, which 1 in 4 of us suffer with at some stage in our lives. It is normal to experience changes in your mood and behaviour at times of stress and emotional upset. Your physical health may also affect your mood and stress levels. If these changes continue to affect you, your home or your working life for a few weeks, then Let’s Talk – Wellbeing could help. Having a chance to talk to someone who is qualified to help can make all the difference.

Bolsover Volunteer Centre

The volunteer Centre promotes volunteering to the general public and supports local groups and organisations with their volunteering good practice. This includes developing and marketing volunteering roles and brokering prospective volunteers into appropriate opportunities.

Freedom Community Project

Freedom Community project provides practical support for people who are struggling in Bolsover and North East Derbyshire. They also organise social events and run sessions from various locations – see website or give them a call for further details

Homelessness Service

If you are homeless now, or are threatened with being made homeless we can provide help and assistance. This can be done in person, by telephoning 01246 242424 or by emailing the Housing Needs Officers at your local Contact Centre – see website for further details

NA & AA Meetings in Bolsover